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Why Does Bellezza Skin & Wellness Offer Affordable Botox Prices?

We are proud to say that here at Bellezza Skin & Wellness we care about our patients/clients.

Maria Bueno FNP-C with 20+ years of experience in the field of work is able to give AFFORDABLE Botox prices in her facility with high quality service. At Bellezza Skin & Wellness our mission is to combine the latest advances in medical technology and our expertise to provide a variety of services and a one-stop-shop experience that will boost your self-confidence and leave you feeling your best.And what better way than with Affordable prices.

Affordable Botox doesn't necessarily mean its not good or poor quality. At Bellezza Skin & Wellness it means we care about our patients/clients and we want to be able to give high quality service/expertise at an affordable and achievable price. Our satisfaction is our patients satisfaction.

What is Botox?

There are plenty of benefits to Botox. Botox softens lines between the eyebrows on the forehead and crows feet. In addition, Botox can create a non-surgical brow lift. Do you have a gummy smile? Botox can help on eliminating it. The ability that Botox can slim the jawline and make the face less square in appearance is fascinating but achievable as well as smoothing neck bands and ability to sculpt the jowls and the angle of the jaw. These are just some aesthetic benefits Botox can provide. However, Botox is not only aesthetically beneficial, but it can help in minimize migraines.

With this being said, you probably have also heard that Botox can be a pricey treatment/procedure to get done. If Botox is done at the right place, Botox can be so much more AFFORDABLE. Due to safety matters a regulation has been put into place where Botox can only be obtained/purchased by a person with a medical license. Since Botox is not bought by regular consumers and its difficult to acquire, health professionals are able to charge at their discretion for the services.

How can Bellezza Skin & Wellness give AFFORDABLE Prices for Botox?

Bellezza Skin & Wellness is proud to offer AFFORDABLE Botox prices to our patients/clients by purchasing in large quantities/bulk manner. Similar to buying your groceries at a warehouse store such as Costco just to say rather than in a regular retail store perhaps as Target. At Bellezza Skin & Wellness we buy our products/supplies in large quantities in order to be able to provide our clients/patients at an affordable price. Remember when buying in bulk amounts means obtaining the items/products at a lower price/discounted cost.

How is Botox prices decided per unit?

Botox price is decided on the decision of what price Botox Cosmetic tags it for, which this means it becomes the base price. This means that this is the base price that health care providers pay to be able to have it in their facility. After the base price is stated, its up to the healthcare provider to decide how much will they add to the base price for the service provided, upcharge the product, as well as take into consideration the amount of experience the healthcare provider has within the field of work. These are key factors when deciding in a price for a Botox unit.

-Maria Bueno, FNP-C (Founder of Bellezza Skin & Wellness) 20+ years of experience.


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